Importance of Website Security

Did you know, Importance of Website Security?

Importance of Website Security, 

In 2020 website security is a major issue. About 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked every day by hackers and, it was continuously increasing. Most of the website owners are ignoring the website security. Most of the hackers use malware for website hacking. Malware is a major cyber threat. It can significantly damage your website, It is a malicious program. If your website does not optimize for security, It was very harmful to you and your visitors also. Using an unprotected website, hackers can use your site, edit your website, and steal your, and your website visitor’s session cookies from visitor’s browsers. Using a session cookie, hackers can log in to those websites without a username, password, and 2FA. It’s called the XSS attack. It’s the most dangerous attack ever seen I, on the internet.

After that, They can demand ransom money, Collect Credit card Information, Collect and expose sensitive customer data, Transfer money to their account, Create bad backlinks, Redirect visitors to other websites. And also you’ll lose your website SEO ranking, Backlisted from Search engines (Google), and many more. Now I discuss the key benefits of a secure website.

  • Ranking advantages in Google.
  • Increase Traffic, Leads & User’s Trust Level.
  • Grow your E-commerce conversation.
  • Protect Customer’s Sensitive information.
  • Secure data communication.
  • Protect the website from malware & cyber threat.
  • Prevent data loss, ransom money & unwanted website behavior.

RoyalRaft suggests everyone make your website secure to get your business more profitable. RoyalRaft is A Trusted Online Freelance Company. We are experts in our work. Contact us for any queries. We are always free to consult or help you.

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RoyalRaft Team

RoyalRaft Team

RoyalRaft is A Trusted Online Freelance Company. We develop websites using WordPress and make the website secure and speedup. We give professional work at a small cost.

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