Importance of Responsive Website

Did you know, Importance of Responsive Website?

Importance of Responsive Website,

A responsive website is another essential topic on a website. It makes your site mobile-friendly. For this reason, visitors can spend more time on your site. And it also helps you to improve search engine rankings. In early 2015, Google announced that a responsive website is a ranking factor on google search results. Now I discuss the key benefits of a responsive website.

  • Improve SEO: As I mentioned responsive website is the most important on google search results. Without a mobile-friendly website can’t rank on Google and other search engines.
  • Increase traffics: A large amounts of visitors are using mobile to search for anything. 90% of visitors are like to read text on mobile. Using a mobile-friendly website will be increased more valuable traffics on your website.
  • User experience: Website user experience is another most important thing. Having a responsive website can increase the user experience. It’ll help you to get repeat visitors.
  • Lower bounce rates: A responsive and optimized website provides a much better user experience for the visitor. That’s why visitors stay for a longer time on the website. For this reason, bounce rates will be lower.

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RoyalRaft Team

RoyalRaft Team

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